Build the automotive brand you dream about.

This is your step-by-step guide to branding your automotive business. Let the world know your story and why they should buy from you and no one else. This is your day to build a show-stopping automotive brand.

If you are launching a product, service or business in the automotive industry, this guidebook will help you understand how to launch your brand. If you are rebranding your product, service or business, this guidebook will give you the tools to rebrand properly so you never have to go through this process again.

Are you ready to increase the performance of your business?

Let’s downshift and hit the gas.

Chapter One

Are you fearless?
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Chapter Two

Why brand?
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Chapter Three

What do you stand for?
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Chapter Four

What's your intent?
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Chapter Five

Positioning your brand
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Chapter Six

Who do you want to attract?
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Chapter Seven

What is your brand persona?
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Chapter Eight

Branding with the senses
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Chapter Nine

Your automotive brand touchpoints
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Chapter Ten

What makes a great automotive business name?

Chapter Eleven

What makes a great automotive business slogan?
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Chapter Twelve

Creating the look and feel of your automotive brand
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Chapter Thirteen

Your automotive brand's website
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Chapter Fourteen

Your automotive brand's brick and mortar
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Chapter Fifteen

Automotive brand marketing basics
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Chapter Sixteen

Defining your culture through your brand
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Chapter Seventeen

Do you need a brand right now?
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Chapter Eighteen

When is a good time to rebrand your business?
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Chapter Nineteen

Who to hire when you need to brand or rebrand
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Chapter Twenty

The checkered flag
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The Automotive Branding Guide

Proper branding equals better marketing! The power of branding is your best path forward to creating a marketing strategy that actually works. This book will give you all the tools you need to customize your automotive company into a brand that gets noticed by everyone!

About our author

Dennis Michael is an automotive branding expert and the owner of Holeshot Brandworks. This book is a culmination of his knowledge and experience building brands since he began his career as a graphic designer back in 2002.

Working exclusively in the automotive industry is a lifelong desire of Dennis. Initially, he dreamed of a career as a transportation designer. That changed into a career in graphic design that quickly became specializing in automotive branding for the aftermarket industry.