Chapter Eleven

What makes a great automotive business slogan?

Automotive business slogans.

A lot like business names, the slogans created in the automotive industry come in many forms. Often more than not, they are boring and use words that any customer already knows.

Yes, you are a one-stop-shop.
Yes, I know I can get all my needs at your place.
Ya, I get you are family-owned.
I would naturally assume you are friendly!
Isn’t everyone the number one source?
I wouldn’t have guessed you are locally owned and operated!?
Shouldn’t you always be professional at affordable prices???

Do you get my point?

From this moment forward, I want you to stop thinking like a 1960s sales ad and start thinking like a business in the new era. Consumers are far more sophisticated and informed today. They have information at their fingertips within seconds. All of those stale archaic slogans listed above will not cut it in today’s market. Using those slogans doesn’t make you different. They make you forgettable.

By the end of this chapter, I intend to get you thinking about new ways to craft words that make your business stand out and become memorable.

Yes, we have come a long way.

Chapters Three to Seven are filled with essential data that will help you craft the right slogan for your business. In those chapters are keywords and phrases that could become your new slogan.

Let’s recap again how far we have come.
In chapter three, I asked what does your brand stand for? In chapter four, we talked about intent. In chapter five, I outlined brand positioning. Chapter six talked about attracting the right customer, and chapter seven was all about brand persona. These elements give you the necessary data to help you generate a memorable slogan.

The anatomy of an automotive business slogan.

Think about all the famous slogans you have interacted with, in your life. The ones that you remember and will never forget are short and sweet. They are easy to say and spell. Looking back from memory, are these slogans wordy? Probably not. In most cases, they are six words or less. When you say that memorable slogan out loud, what do you feel? Chances are that slogan is also emotional. A great slogan encompasses all of these qualities. All of these elements make a memorable slogan.

Your memorable slogan checklist:

  • Short and sweet
  • Easy to say and spell
  • Six words or less
  • It promotes an emotion

Creating a slogan that matters!

Creating a slogan has many of the same fundamentals as building a business name but without drama. Creating a slogan for your automotive company will be fun and filled with laughter. As you craft words together, some will be ludicrous, and others will make you laugh. Your wordplay exploration should cover the complete spectrum of consumer ratings, from Rated G to Rated R. Have fun with it! Don’t hold anything back as you begin combining six words or less.