Chapter Nine

Your automotive brand touchpoints

Mapping your brand touchpoints

Now that we established that every little detail of your company encompasses your brand, let’s look deeper at those touchpoints. By analyzing the complete flow map of touchpoints you will have a look at what is going on with your customer’s experience. It will allow you to add, delete and alter touchpoints to enhance your customer’s journey. During this exercise, you may find areas where automated tools and technology can take over at specific touchpoints. Which can save a lot of hours and deliver a more consistent experience for every customer.

The important first touchpoint

When I am working with clients I start by asking them to detail what the buying experience looks like from start to finish. Begin with that first point of contact. What is it? Is that first point of contact an advertisement, phone call or business card? How do people know you exist for the first time?

It could be a pay-per-click ad that directs them to a landing page. Maybe it’s a website address or is it a brochure you mail to a new prospect. Knowing where your brand experience starts begins the mapping of the whole journey. When we have that map, we can fill in the gaps to enhance that brand experience. Creating new touchpoints that increase their memorable experience with your company.

How to create a brand touchpoint map

There are many ways to create a brand touchpoint map. You can use a matrix, road maps, flow maps or mind map systems. The key is to visualize the journey in such a way that anyone who looks at it can understand what has been created.

Start at the beginning and add all touchpoints along the purchasing journey no matter how small or insignificant you may think they are. Every touchpoint matters.

Analyze your brand touchpoint flow map

After you have your flow map created, it’s time to analyze it with an unbias eye. Get into the mind of your customer and look at each touchpoint through their eyes. What can be eliminated? What is useful and needs to be enhanced? Do you need to add more of the same touchpoint throughout their whole journey? As you analyze, reference the past experiences of your customers for indicators.

Take this time to also ask yourself, “Can I automate this touchpoint?” or “Can an application do a better job than a human for this touchpoint?” There are a lot of tools available to you that can save you hours and money. Using web applications can keep you from forgetting steps. Remember the key to success is to create a consistent experience for everyone who purchases from you.

Chapter Ten

What makes a great automotive business name?