Chapter One

Are you fearless?

It’s time to fix the mistakes you are making with your brand.

The automotive industry is historic and filled with icons. From car builders to companies that reached 100 years of service, how can you not love the creations in the past century?

Our ancestors have passed along much knowledge to the new generation of automotive business owners. As with anything that is passed down, we also get the bad stuff – bad habits, bad practices or bad knowledge. One of those bad habits is branding practices.

The golden age of advertising brought much promise to automotive businesses. Do good, honest work, and they will keep coming back to you was all the rage. The exploitation of this dogma became reformatted into sales-pitched written words with supporting imagery that fit the generation of consumers. Today, ads are more sophisticated to match the new generation of consumers. Everywhere you look, story and authenticity rule the digital age of advertising. Many industries have evolved and adapted to fit today’s consumer’s needs and desire to connect to brands – all except one – the automotive aftermarket industry.

Whether you are starting a new automotive business or have an automotive company that has been operating for years, this guide will help you create the automotive brand you desire.

Everywhere you look, the same classic attention-grabbing techniques of the 60s are still lurking around in automotive businesses today.

  • Your one-stop-shop
  • Family owned and operated
  • Honest, friendly service
  • Affordable pricing
  • Number one source
  • 100% yadda yadda yadda *yawn*

These tactics are old, tired and boring.

Automotive businesses using these worn-out marketing ploys are insulting their consumers. These statements are archaic marketing tactics better suited as vintage wall posters. You can do much better, and I will show you how.

This book will help you break your old habits, develop a new way of thinking about your automotive brand, and show you how to market it to your intended audience properly.

Whether you are a seasoned automotive business owner or are starting a new company, this guide will help you create the best automotive brand you can imagine. A brand that connects with consumers in profound, meaningful ways will fuel sales, attention and retention.

Better branding equals effective marketing.

I have compiled all my branding experience into this book. I intend to help you look at your automotive company from another perspective. Along the way, showing you the wide-open track of opportunity there is to win sales, attention and retention. This book will create the foundational pieces of branding that will help you market your company ten times better than anyone else.

Add horsepower to your automotive company.

I have an intense optimism that drives my method of building automotive brands. It comes from decades of experience working alongside business owners, watching them develop their brands. There is greatness in every automotive company. There is room for everyone to create continued success with a legion of fiercely loyal customers to your brand.

To create branding success takes hard work, patience, belief and a whole lot of honesty.

Let’s build on that list and also include some integrity.

I’m going to give you a front-row seat on how I created the Holeshot Brandworks brand. Each chapter will also include videos of me talking about the process I went through to build my brand. These videos will serve a different purpose. To help you understand the thoughts, ideas, issues, mistakes and changes I had to make as Holeshot Brandworks was born.

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