Chapter Ten

What makes a great automotive business name?

Automotive business names.

Automotive names come in all types. You see and hear names from the obscure to the literal. Some names describe the outcome one will experience when using a product. You have automotive business names rooted in history using the founder’s first and or last name. Then you have the cool, flashy descriptor names that express racing or automotive-related action. Lastly, you have automotive business names that are original, obscure, metaphorical labels. When creating a name, you can slide along the scale quite quickly.

“Your brand name has two seconds to stick.” – Louise Karch.

It can be stressful generating an automotive brand name that, as Louise says, sticks. I have seen many business owners stall their progress because they cannot come up with a business name they love. The process of generating a business name can become a debilitating soul-sucking experience for some business owners. They will give up and settle for a meaningless company name.

So how do you create an automotive business name that rolls off the tongue with eloquence?

How do you craft a memorable name?

How do you make the experience of creating a name enjoyable?

How do you maintain momentum in building your business when it comes to naming your automotive company?

There are two intentions of this chapter. First, I want it to help you evaluate your existing name. I want to give you the tools required to see if your name hinders your brand or elevates it. Secondly, this chapter will help you create a memorable business name built to last if you start a company.

The process of creating an automotive business name

Dive into the internet, and you will find a lot of A.I.-powered name generators. Type in a few keywords, and you get bombarded with hundreds of ideas. The problem with this method is that the results don’t ask more profound questions about your company’s uniqueness. The results are superficial and literal in most cases.

Let’s recap how far we have come.
In chapter three, I asked what does your brand stand for? In chapter four, we talked about intent. In chapter five, I outlined brand positioning. Chapter six talked about attracting the right customer, and chapter seven was all about brand persona. These elements give you the necessary data to help you generate a memorable business name.

In the book WordGlue, Louise Karch says, “Start with great questions.” No business name is the result of eureka moments. You craft a name from core words and deeper questions about the brand and automotive business. The chapters I listed above hold the answers to generating your new automotive business name.

The anatomy of a great automotive business name

The anatomy of an excellent automotive name begins with you tossing aside everything you see your competitors doing. The vast majority of them have generated a business name that is obvious, boring and lacking impact.

In today’s marketplace, you need to capture the imagination of your audience. When your customer says your name, it should tell them a story or outcome using your products or services. When they think about the service or product you offer, your company should be first in their mind.

The internet has also added a new and complicated dimension to creating a business name. In the book The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding, Al Ries says, “Your name stands alone on the internet, so you’d better have a good one.” When someone searches your company on the internet, all they have to reference is memory. When they search your name on the internet, your website should be the first search result. Hell, it should occupy every space on the first page.

When crafting a business name, you cannot rely on visuals to make up for any deficiencies. Clues to a customer knowing what your business is about rest solely on your name. Adding the words “auto repair” or “performance shop” are great endings to a business name. But the first words muttered by a customer need to be impactful and unique to your automotive brand.

Your name should be:

  • memorable
  • easy to say
  • easy to spell
  • allow your company to grow
  • and lastly, for extra points, bring up no Google matches

Are you thinking of changing your name?

Before you panic, take a deep breath. Changing your business name might be irrelevant. You may not need to worry about getting a new logo design, signs, marketing materials etc. I know the dollars and cents are calculating in your head. What I want you to do is ask yourself deeper questions. Does your current business name align with your brand or hinder it? Are you being remembered or forgotten in your customer’s mind? If someone searches for your name on the internet, will your company come up on the first page of search results?

Then you may ask yourself, what would the process look like if you were to change your company name? How would your company manage this process? Can you do it in stages? What would your customers feel about the name change?

Take your time if you are deciding on a name change. You have to be calculated and have the necessary research done before deciding to change your company name.

Naming for a new business

The advantage is yours if you are starting a new business. Those more profound questions about transitions and changes do not apply to your company. But it is crucial that you still take time to create a memorable business name because you have time.

How to create an automotive business name

The process of creating a business name begins with asking yourself a lot of questions. As I stated earlier, your brand development up to this point is an excellent start to creating a memorable business name.

Take out all your notes. Grab a Thesaurus and Dictionary. Set up a whiteboard. Now start brainstorming.

There are many different exercises to find the most effective name for your business. The best, and fastest, are in Louise Karch’s award-winning book Word Glue: Find Your Million-Dollar Brand Name

Designed for professionals and teams in a hurry, it contains the stories, science and strategies behind the world’s sticky names. The 10-minute name-storming exercises are a lifesaver. I’ve used them to name products and companies.

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What makes a great automotive business slogan?
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